Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 9 and 10 - Motivating Sessions, Industry Visits, and More Shopping!

I am really starting to enjoy and look forward to corn flakes and hot milk for breakfast every morning. It is also such a treat every time they offer bananas as the fruit choice because that is my favorite fruit. We have learned that the internet is much faster in the morning so we are starting to wake up a little earlier and utilize that time to catch up on the web. In attempts to keep our readers more up-to-date on our daily lives, we are going to try to post everyday or at least every other. Yesterday and today have been very action packed and fulfilling. 

January 9- Motivation, Quotes, and Free Time

Yesterday, we had three very interesting sessions. The first speaker was Professor Amit Sachdeva. He was the same speaker we had for our first session. His presentations are very entertaining. This time he showed a video and used quotes to tie his presentation into business practices. He emphasized on how we are the driving force of the future and the time is now for us to step in. This is a common theme we have heard many times throughout our college years at UWEC. The quote that stuck with me the most was “whatever will be, will be.” He mentioned how we should take the less travelled road in life and not be afraid to branch out. We have to look at stepping stones as opportunities rather than hurdles to climb over. 

Our second speaker was Professor Devraj Mukherjee. He spoke about popular culture and India of the 21st century. He was also very interesting and showed us some advertisements. His topic was very intriguing because he described how conservative customs have changed through popular culture and cinema. He also described errors in marketing especially in rural, undereducated areas. For lunch we had Indianized Chinese food. It was lo mien noodles with chicken, but had a kick to it like most of the Indian food we have experienced. 

Our third and final speaker of the day was Mr. Suneel Keswani. His session was about corporate grooming. We found his presentation very motivational and interactive as he used many quotes and examples. He started out with a word equation that corporate grooming = person in + person out. Person in = things which make you strong from within and person out = things from the outside in which you can control. He used many quotes to back up his examples, which made me very motivated to reach out more to improve my own self. Two quotes that really stuck with me were, “You see the world as you are, not as it is,” and “The more you know the less you fear but the less you know the more you fear.” Even though the day was filled with speakers, I still found the day very entertaining and thought provoking. 

After our sessions, we decided to walk back to UGH instead of taking the rickshaws back. It is a short 10-15 minute walk with nice scenery. This was our first evening of free time. Normally we don’t return to UGH until 8 p.m. so it was nice to just have time to relax and hang out with each other. Sam had a mini football and we went in the back yard of UGH and played catch. We had a lot of fun, laughed a lot, and made the monkeys especially curious to watch what we were doing.

January 10- A.C. Nielsen and the Parliament

This morning was our visit to A.C. Nielsen, which is a company that focuses on techniques to measure performance and the impact of companies marketing skills. They prepared multiple presentations for us about the different sections of India: rural, middle, and urban (metro). These presentations were very detailed with interesting facts and statistics about India’s sections. One of the most interesting aspects of the presentation was about the term meritocracy. I desire to work for a company where hard work is noticed and encouraged and that is exactly what A.C. Nielsen seems to do. 

Our next stop was the Parliament of India. Security was very strict there. When we approached the entrance, we could see a military man sitting in a booth with a machine gun ready to gun down anyone that he needed to. There is no wonder why security is so strict there since the Parliament of India was the first global terrorist attack post 9-11. Within the Parliament building, we go to see the different rooms for Rajya Sabha (the upper house) and Lok Sabha (the lower house). 

After the Parliament tour, we went to Janpath, which is a several story tall government building. This building is a huge store of many levels with different categories of items on each floor. The items ranged from wood carvings to marble sculptures to children’s toys to women’s clothing. After a little shopping we crossed the street to grab an ice cream cone from McDonald’s for only 10 rupee and waited for the bus. The ice cream cone was just the sweet treat we needed after a long day of outings.

Tomorrow we are going to a market. Markets have become our favorite places to go because we love bargaining and getting awesome things at great prices. We are also excited because we were told we get to try South Indian food for dinner tomorrow. Every day is a new experience and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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