Friday, January 13, 2012

Honda and Kingdom of Dreams

     Its hard to believe that we have already been with the SRCC students for nearly two weeks.  I feel like our time in India is flying by.  Being constantly busy trying to fit in as much as we can its hard to believe that its already Friday night.  Today we toured a Honda manufacturing plant.  It was about 2.5 hours outside of Delhi.  Once there the company did a brief over view of the different locations in India and explained what we would be seeing.  I personally had never toured a manufacturing plant so was excited to see what they were making and how it was done.  The plant we visited made different iron and aluminum parts for the building of cars.  These parts were shipped to a different location still in India, and some parts were exported.  The plant also built two different two wheelers, a motorcycle and a moped.  We were shown the entire process from start to finish of the motorcycle.  It took 169 people to put together one bike.  We were able to walk down the line and see each person step by step.  It was really eye opening to see how many people go into making just the bike.  We asked about percentage of error and he said their accuracy is about 95%.  For manual labor I’d say that’s pretty good!

     After Honda we bused to a place called Kingdom of Dreams.  It is a large complex that compiles all the major cities of India and their traditional food and shopping.  As we’ve learned, each state of India is so different from one another so this complex allowed us to get a dose of the states/cities that we are not able to visit.  It was unlike anything I’d seen before and was a lot of fun.  We all tried different dishes, many people splitting to try a little bit of everything.  They also offered 15 minute massages which a lot of people took advantage of.
     As I was saying before it’s hard to believe how fast the time is flying.  This trip has been unlike anything I could have imagined.  The culture is something that, as everyone says, you can’t just explain you have to experience.  Tomorrow were off to tour all the major sites of Delhi!

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